Sumilon Polyester Ltd.

We are engaged in offering our clients with a comprehensive range of Metalized Film Solutions not only in India but also abroad. We are Manufacturers of Specialize metallized films using quality raw material sourced from the trustworthy vendors of the market to ensure quality as well as durability.

We have the capacity to produce Metalizing Films in various specifications of microns and optical density. In addition to this, our metallized films provide an excellent barrier against light, moisture, gases, etc. Metallized polyester film is best suited for flexible packaging, Yarn application, lamination, hot stamping foils and holograms. However, the wide known application also includes twist wraps films, labeling and peelable and non-peelable film.

Our Metallized films Optical Density ranges from 0.2 – 3.0, such films are widely used in various industries like Metallic yarn, packaging, decorative purposes, lamination and disposable items, food packaging, and for specialty applications including insulation and electronics.

We are the Pioneer in India to produce Pure Silver Metallized Film with its application ranging from Metallic Yarn, Packaging, Cosmetics, Holograms, in-line printing etc.

Our unique metalizer are not only capable of BOPET film metallization, but also for paper metallization and is facilitated to manufacture AlOx (Aluminium Oxide) films, ZnS (Zinc Sulphide) and Copper metallized films.


Grade Type Description Film Type Application PDF
SM - 101 Packaging Grade Aluminium Metallized Untreated + Metallized & Other Side Plain
SM - 102 Packaging Grade Aluminium Metallized One Side Corona Treated + Metallized & Other Side Plain
SM - 151 Yarn Grade Aluminium Metallized Untreated + Metallized & Other Side Plain
SM - 152 Yarn Grade Aluminium Metallized Untreated + Metallized & Other Side Corona Treated
SM - 251 Packaging Grade Coated Film + Aluminium Metallized One Side Co-Polyester Coated + Metallized & Other Side Plain
SM - 600 Electrical Grade Copper Metallized Untreated + Copper Metallized & Other Side Plain